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ACF AT Conrad '24

The Applied Computing Foundation (ACF) welcomes you to the Conrad Challenge China 2024 Innovation Summit! Come and say hi to us at the expo booth on Mar. 17, learn more about our global teen entrepreneurship community, meet future advisors, share your projects, answer trivia, and collect some fun SWAG.


See you at the event! ❤️

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Future Impact Challenge

Continue beyond Conrad!

The Future Impact Challenge (FIC) 3.0 chapter is delighted to announce a direct, wildcard entry ticket for all Conrad Challenge China finalists right from the heart of Silicon Valley! We welcome you to continue your innovation journey post-Conrad and get the opportunity to collaborate with our partner venture capitalist organization, the 1517 Fundwhich is passionate about funding and supporting teen companies. 


As accomplished teams attending the Conrad Innovation Summit, we are happy to give you these special opportunities:

  • 50% discount and direct entry for Round 2 of the Future Impact Challenge (promo code: CONRADFIC24) until the deadline (Apr. 17, 2024)

  • An opportunity to pitch directly to investors, Silicon Valley founders and industry experts who provide you honest, practical, and nuanced advice, so that you can take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level. 


The Future Impact Challenge, hosted by the Applied Computing Foundation, encourages teens worldwide to impact the future of sustainability. This challenge focuses on applying "Computing" to solve real problems facing the planet and advocating responsible futuristic tech that builds a better world for all!

Future Impact Challenge Wildcard
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greentech global startup summer camp
in jeju (KOrea), june 17-22

Continue beyond Conrad!

Dive into the Silicon Valley innovation and startup experience right at home in Asia. Immerse yourself in:
• Entrepreneurship

• Design Thinking

• Game Development

• Virtual Reality (VR)

• Web Programming

• Robotics (Arduino)

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)


GreenTech Global Startup Camp, hosted by the Applied Computing Foundation, 


Stay Engaged All Year Long

Is community leadership and making a positive difference while gaining essential skills for the future your unique quirk? Then, we've got you covered! Join our post-camp and teen leadership opportunities, and find your local community chapter in school or city. All while gaining industry skills like project management, communication, collaboration, and broadening your network. Some of our featured yearlong "teen-ternship" programs are as follows:

Join Teen Internships

Teen Internships 

Taste community leadership at its best!


We welcome high school students (9th. - 12th. grade) or equivalent home-schooled peers to apply for our open internship positions! As ACF is a non-profit organization, we even offer "volunteer hours" credit for our exemplary, high-performing, committed interns. Our interns play a significant role in bestowing technical knowledge, increasing our community outreach, and playing an essential role in the decision-making of the team they join.

Make a difference!









ACF Startup Coffee Chat

...just an ecosystem of teen renegades and startup founders worldwide getting together every quarter over Zoom to discuss entrepreneurship and the latest technology, share market research, get together, meet industry mentors, and have life reflections. While bonding over their favourite beverages. Do you want to be a part of it, too?

Continue Your Startup Experience...

Taste community leadership at its best!


Join an ACF startup team class under the mentorship of Silicon Valley industry experts and mentors, and take your entrepreneurship and product development beyond competition season. Our startup members are passionate, dedicated, collaborative, and driven teen renegades who own their futures. 

Come and become one of us! Sign up for your interest at the expo booth or email at

Find more about our ''teen startup" programs here. Find a team open spot here.

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