ACF 2020 Virtual Summer Camp

June 8 - Aug 14

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Five Themes of ACF Summer Camp

AI & Beyond
AI with Art, Music, Face Recognition, Article Summarizer, Debate, Stock Investment, and More!
Students will obtain the fundamentals of AI knowledge by learning how to collect, train and build their own models programming in Python with specific topics they are passionate about.

See Text Summerizer built by our student.
VR & Beyond
Intro to VR, Make Your Own Game, Advanced Game Making using A-Frame/Unity
Students will create their own virtual reality experience/games in this course. They will learn the following skills : 3D level design for VR games and experiences, how to create, edit, and explore the 3D environments, how to program game mechanics, concepts like geolocation and stereoscopic game vision.
Real Project & Beyond
Intro to Web-Based Programming
No Drag&Drop -- Real Coding ONLY!
New to coding? This would be the perfect opportunity. Students will learn the basic knowledge of web-based programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Our weekly real project subjects will be comprised of: Art/Music (Launchpad, Doodler,..), Games (Jelly jumper, Flappy bird,..), Apps (Flashcard, To-Do list,..). Build a project you can use and share with friends.
Robotics & Beyond
Intro to Robotics using LEGO Robotics with All Hands-on Kits
Students will learn the joy of working on a hands-on projectthey can use both hardware and software with real kits. Our weekly robotics projects for different age groups and levels are Lego robotics (WeDo, Spike, Mindstorm) and Arduino Robotics (a brain sport for many students).
Autonomous Driving & Beyond
Intro to the Fundamentals of Self-Driving Technology
Have you ever wondered about all those “self driving” cars roaming around your neighborhood? How do they program and control these “autonomous” vehicles? This is the right camp for you as we will use the "donkey car" with “TensorFlow" to teach fundamentals of autonomous driving.

How Our Students Can Go Beyond

VR Hackathon
Our students participated in the first Bay Area middle school hackathon cohosted by ACF (previously WisenSpace) in 2019 at Bayside STEM academy. View more.

ACF partners with many bay area schools to bring the VR Hackathon to their campus and will continue the effort to introduce this emergent and fast developing technology. Those who want to taste it before the camp, please sign up here to enter our mailing list. We will keep you updated on VR Hackathon in the bay area.
Robotics Story
Students in our robotics program take what they learn beyond the classroom. One of our 6th grader students who joined with no robotics/programming experience won a first place award at the Academic Competition Enterprises Science Championship and qualified for the 2019 Science World Fair. Read full story.
Science Fair (Real Project + Autonomous Driving)
Our students are actively preparing San Mateo STEM fair and other county science fairs. They are truly applying their coding skills to their favorite science topics like biology, engineering, etc. See how awesome their projects are.

2020 Summer Camp Course List

VR Game Making Explorer
VR Game Making Superstart
Application dev courses in javascript/ Python
Game dev courses
Academic track: Java game making
Academic track: AP CS review
AI: AI + Art
AI: FBI criminal detector - Face recognition
AI: AI + Stock (Math heavy, previous python required)
And more...

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