2020 Summer Camp Overview

Go Beyond > Science Fair Story (Real Project + Autonomous Driving)

Our students are actively preparing San Mateo STEM fair and other county science fairs. They are truly applying their coding skills to their favorite science topics like biology, engineering, etc.

They all learned ACF’s Real Project classes which is designed to train them in basic web programming languages (HTML, JavaScript and CSS). Students who finishes our 2020 ACF Real Project camps will be qualified for upcoming 2020 September Science Fair class. Our science fair class nurtures our students to be a true explorer in figuring out which topic they want to pursue and how to use coding as key component of their experiments. Please check out below science fair links from our middle school science fair class members. They worked on their own unique scientific topics but all used coding as their way of analyzing data. This embodies what ACF is set out to do - inspiring our students to apply their computing skills in their passionate fields.