2020 Summer Camp Overview

Go Beyond > Robotics Story

Students in our robotics program take what they learn beyond the classroom. One of our 6th grader students who joined with no robotics/programming experience won a first place award at the Academic Competition Enterprises Science Championship and qualified for the 2019 Science World Fair. He created solution applying what he learned in robotics class. His team also qualify for World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) national. All these happen during the first year of his study! Summer camp should be a stepping stone to the next level real life experience. Try out robotics program and ignite students' curiosity. They can use what they learn to participate in international robotics competitions, science fairs or their school projects.

Robotics integrates all STEAM fields and it is a brain sports students collaborate to come up with better solutions to a given challenge. Having clear goals and working together in a team makes learning fun, engaging, and inspiring. ACF strives to provide highly practical hands-on learning experience through classes and competition for students to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies along the way. Enable kids to grow to be autonomous learner and to express creativity.

ACF is a proud partner of WRO and host regional qualifier in the bay area.