ACF courses teach mastery of coding, web development, data science, graphics, simulations, tinkering with hardware like Arduino and robotics, and other cutting-edge technology. Course content is carefully designed by passionate experts with project-based application in mind.

We judge our courses by the way our students Learn, Build, and Apply their skills to their favorite topics. Our classes and community programs guide participants to combine Computing with Art, Science, Games, Sports, History, Media, Debate, Business, and more.

Our entrepreneurship capstone, available to Middle and High School students, guides students to collaborate on projects they have passion for, while mastering their own technical skills, in service of a community goal. In this effort, students develop presentation and leadership skills, while participating in demo days, third-party academic competitions, peer to peer presentations including international partners, and other ACF community events.

ACF is Founding leaders focused on problem solving with Applied Computing. We are connecting students and experts, sharing ideas about the latest technology, and opening opportunities for you to collaborate in a global community.