Applied Computing Foundation


  • General

  • Where are your camps located?

    Our camps are located at Gunn High school in Palo Alto, Santa Clara studio, and Palo Alto studio in the bay area. We also host two international camps in Seoul, Korea and Qatar.. For a complete list of locations, please visit Course Info page”

  • What if the content is too easy or too hard once the course begins?

    ACF’s courses and curricula are built to accommodate a wide range of ages and abilities. This, along with a very skilled instructional staff and low student-to-staff ratio (average of 1:8), allows us to individualize lessons, customize the learning experience and offer plenty of personalized, one-on-one time for each student. If you have a particular goal or project idea, instructors will work with you and guide you to help you achieve it.

  • What steps do you take to make sure my child is safe in your program?

    We adhere to strict background checks of each staff member and they are trained in both emergency response and child safety standards. All of our staff are well-trained and are all CPR and First Aid certified. We also require that all staff undergo stringent background checks, along with Mandatory Reporting training and Sexual Abuse Prevention training. In addition, we work with University Campus Police who are present at all time and involved in on-site training sessions. We also employ Day Camp Counselors whose primary role is to supervise students during break activities and guide students around the campus during meal times. Our Camp Director is equipped with tools and resources to ensure the safety of each student.

    For any issues involving specialized diets or medications, our Camp Directors facilitate special training among camp counselors to make sure students receive any necessary or required medication as well as create an action plan each week that caters to our students’ needs. We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have. Safety is our #1 priority.

  • Can I sit in the class with my student?

    Parents are invited to come to the class on Monday morning to see the location of the room, meet the instructor and teaching assistants, and go through the camp orientation with their students. We do not allow parents to stay in the classroom during the day while class is in session. For the safety of all our students, we can not allow any adults in our camp or classrooms who are not employees of ACF. On Friday, we welcome you to join us during the Friday Open House, where you can see the projects your student has been working on during the week.

  • I can’t pick my child up right at 4:00 pm. Are there any other options?

    Families who need to pick-up their camper after 4 p.m. can add-on the Extended Day Program. Within this two-hour optional program, campers can participate in free-choice activities offered by the staff, or spend time connecting with fellow campers, while they wait to be picked up. This drop-in format allows families flexibility with working schedules and commuter traffic. The program ends at 6 p.m. and all campers must be checked-out by this time. This option will be available when you check out.

  • What is “Applied Computing?”

    Applied computing uses aspects of computer science to solve problems in various disciplines, including politics, business, education and the environment. Working in this field, you'll likely use a range of programming, software engineering, graphic applications, networking and operating systems management skills to collect, analyze, store and distribute information that will help resolve issues for individuals, groups and companies. (from

  • Why 'Applied Computing' make sense for students?

    We have seen many students intimidated by computer science and lost interest even before they start. Computer science is not just for students who are good at math, or who will major in engineering. Technology is the driving force of our time and transforming all the industries. The ability to understand and to use technology to leverage what they are doing will be critical for anyone in any field. We would like to empower our students via the cycle of learning, creating something they can use in a team, and contributing to their community. The confidence coming from “I did it!” is what we try to enhance through what we are doing.

  • What does the Applied Computing Foundation do?

    ● We work with schools to bring classes and other learning experiences to students from 1st-12th grade

    ● We host various empowering events - hackathons, competitions, teen talk and more.

    ● We participate in learning events in which students can experience working in a team to solve problems.

  • How do I cancel my enrollment? Will I receive a refund?

    Cancel camp and we’ll refund your purchase, minus a $100 per session cancellation fee. No refunds fewer than 30 days before your first camp week.

  • Courses & Curriculum

  • Do any of your courses have prerequisites?

    Most of our courses do not have prerequisites other than age limit. For the courses space over one weeks, we require to enroll for the whole period. For those students with previous experience, contact us at for the individual consideration.

  • What are your most popular courses?

    ACF Juniors (incoming 1st - 4th graders)

    ● Robotics and Coding with LEGO

    ● Scratch game making + microcontroller

    ACF Explorers (incoming 4th-6th graders)

    ● Robotics

    ● VR game making

    ● Real Project

    ACF Superstar (incoming 6th-9th graders)

    ● AI track

    ● Real project for science fair

  • Can you make an exception if my child is on the borderline of one of the age cutoffs?

    We can make exceptions for children who are on the border of the cutoffs on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at for more details on the requirements.

  • Special Needs FAQs

  • Can you accommodate students with special needs?

    ACF is not a special needs camp, however, we welcome students with special needs. We can accommodate special needs at each location, and historically have had a high success rate with students and parents who are vocal about their needs and how our camp can help the child have the most positive experience possible. If you decide to register for the course there will be a section where you can add any pertinent information that can assist our on-campus staff in making this a positive experience for you and your child. Please give us as much information as you feel necessary for us to provide a good experience for your child. We encourage you to talk to the on-site Director upon arrival at camp as well, and make sure you convey any additional information.

  • Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or food allergies?

    We are aware that students may have special dietary needs. When going through your registration process you will be asked about any medications or dietary needs the child may have. Additionally, you are more than welcome to contact us once your registration has been processed and we can add additional notes to your account for extra assurance. We also encourage you to speak with the director on-site at check in to make sure that everyone is on the same page. If your child has severe food allergies, we would recommend sending a sack lunch from home each day. Your child’s health and safety is very important to us!