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Simply because we see a gaping hole to fill in! A hole that has been either neglected or not filled up properly all these time especially among a budding group namely middle school students. ACF has been hosting 3 middle school hackathons with different themes for the past years and learned they are as capable as high school or older groups and equally thrilled to taste the joy of creating and competing during the event.

Our ACF hackathon essentially differs from other existing hackathons and here is how and why.

  • Family oriented hackathon
    Our middle school students hackathon will encourage parents, guardians and mentors to join and stay during the entire event as team members. This setting will offer an unique bonding opportunity to the both parents and students to collaborate as a team and immerse themselves to accomplish their hackathon goal together. We believe applied computing will be truly “applied” when families are involved and work together while creating an “applied” computing real project apps such as “ family birthday card” app.

  • The smaller the better
    So many hackathons and similar events hosts hundreds of participants which inevitably increase the burden on planning, cost, logistics, safety and security. ACF has been hosting small hackathons with 32 students and it helped us tremendously to avoid the above issues. Even better we were able to host our nimble hackathons frequently more than 3 times per year. How cool is that!

  • Middle school focused
    High school and above hackathons are all well structured and developed that we believe we need to open up this critical opportunity toward middle school students. Middle school students are the prime age group audience to experience the real projects based hackathons and be inspired to pursue more and specific topics further.