ACF Startup Teams

What students can do in a startup team

Real life applications of the coding skills you develop
  • Apply computing solutions to (learn by doing) real-world problems
  • Collaborate on projects they have passion for, while mastering their own technical skills, in service of a community goal
  • Practice time-management, presentation, and leadership skills, while participating in demo days, academic competitions, peer to peer presentations including international partners, and other ACF community events
  • Connect to industry experts, learn the latest technology, and collaborate in a global community.

Who should join ACF startup team

  • 6th -12th graders who have learned coding for 1-2 years and would like to challenge themselves to solve real-world problems.
  • An opportunity to test out the next ‘Elon Musk’ ideas before college.
  • The startup program the community leader joined in order to solve the problems his own community faces.
  • Someone who wants to try out the startup idea on a global ecosystem.
  • Students who want to seize the opportunity to test out ideas in the ACF community.
  • Students who want to participate in coding reviews and receive project reviews from a pitching expert group, rather than coding alone.
  • Students who want to witness ideas from different student startup teams, participate in various presentations and learn in an environment where you can encourage one another to grow.
  • Students who want to share her experiences she got from running a startup on a blogging platform as well as to put that in a college resume.
  • Students who wish to learn why such an app is necessary through the community leader, and who desires to create a startup with his own idea.

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Upcoming Teams

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