ACF Courses

What distinguishes ACF online courses

Live online classes for students from the comfort of your home

Unique curriculum

Our real project series & AI series are designed to inspire students to apply what they learn in the class to real world projects. See our students success stories: Zora’s & Winbert’s

Powerful community making impacts

Our students are dedicated to make impacts for their community. Become part of the community and get inspired.



Weekly program
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A week long program
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Foundation courses
  • $450
  • Seven 2 hour classes
  • Class size: 3-5 students
  • Age 8 or over
  • $250
  • Four 1 hour classes
  • Class size: 1-on-1
  • Age 8 or over
Bring your own group

Learning with friends is fun and you can take it to the next level more easily.
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