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Two members per team
We will provide robot kits, computers, light snanks and water
Student should register individually,
but they need to provide their team name

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After hitting submit, you will receive an email with more details about the competition and how to get a teacher's approval. Around a week before the competition, there will be a meeting where those with ideas can pitch them to others. The person with the idea will get to decide who gets to join his/her team.

Simply because we see a gaping hole to fill in! A hole that has been either neglected or not filled up properly all these time especially among a budding group namely middle school students. ACF has been hosting 3 middle school hackathons with different themes for the past years and learned they are as capable as high school or older groups and equally thrilled to taste the joy of creating and competing during the event.

Preparing students for the real world

Working through the robotics competitions, students work as a team to creatively solve problems under pressure. They ponder on a given mission, understand constraints, design, build and program their own robot and strategize. The process is filled with trial and errors, small successes and disappointing failures. Students become more resilient, learn how to work through challenges at many level, and experience collaboration & competition in a more real life resembled environment.

A team sports, where everyone can turn a pro

Unlike sports leagues, robotics is a field that each and every participant can have a real chance to make it in the big leagues. Being a part of a competition team provide students with important real like sills, get them interested in STEM and help them leveraging their experiences in building their careers. Students will have opportunities to meet industry experts and make connections. Opportunity to travel is a nice bonus!

How ACF can help students

1. Curriculum designed to get students ready
2. Space rental - for those who are interested, but do not have space to practice- you can rent the space from us.
3. Annual ACF robotics competition in April. We announce the mission in February. Come and try out beginner level robotics competition for fun!
4. WRO regional host- Comparing to FLL, WRO is more robot performance based competition.

Tips for parents

Start with friends. Many of our students love robotics and want to pursue the next step. But one of the biggest hurdles is to find teammates. The whole experience is a lot more enjoyable and rewarding when students start with friends. They can achieve more in a team!