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Upcoming ACF Teams

If you are interested in joining one of these teams, don't hesitate to contact us at

To join currently running ACF teams with open spots, register here.

Upcoming Teams


  • Apply computing solutions to (learn by doing) real-world problems.

  • Collaborate on projects that they have passion for while mastering their technical skills to serve a community goal.

  • Practice time-management, presentation, and leadership skills while participating in demo days, academic competitions, peer-to-peer presentations, international partner meet-ups, and other ACF community events.

  • Connect to industry experts, learn the latest technologies, and collaborate in a global community.

Who Should join AN ACF STARTUP TEAM?

  • 6th -12th graders who have learned coding for 1-2 years and would like to challenge themselves to solve real-world problems.

  • Someone looking for an opportunity to test out the next-generation 'Elon Musk' ideas before college.

  • Someone who aspires to be a community leader and solve their community's most significant issues.

  • Students who want to seize the opportunity to test out their startup ideas in the global ACF ecosystem.

  • Students who want to participate in coding reviews and receive project reviews from a pitching expert, in groups, rather than coding alone.

  • Students who want to witness ideas from different student startup teams, participate in various presentations and learn in an environment where they can encourage each other to grow.

  • Students who want to share the experiences they receive from running a startup on a blogging platform and put that in their college resume.

  • Students who wish to take their learning forward and empower others.

Previous and current ACF student projects include a GPS-assisted mapping tool specifically for firefighters, remote control ground drones for search and rescue, healthcare resource distribution software, machine vision powered driving monitor, and a multiplayer game designed to support small businesses.


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