ACF "Applied" Fall Classes πŸ™Œ

ACF finished our amazing summer camp thanks to your equally amazing support and is now ready for the Fall with the below plans. Why don't you join us and continue the incredible "Applied" computing journey with us!

ACF Fall Classes

Classes Taking Off Super Soon πŸš€

Web Programming (HTML, Javascript, CSS). ACF's web programming classes are phenomenal in converting the students who are inclined to think that STEM is not for them into STEM is fun!

Python (Data Science and AI). ACF's Python classes are designed to channel our students' gaming passion into data science ("Minecraft with coding - web scraping all the Minecraft data using Python programming")

And more NEW Fall classes (classes that will trigger creative minds to explore their creativity through applied coding curriculum to build their digital portpolio)

ACF Junior and High School Entreprenurship Classes (startup incubator to benefit the community)

These startup style classes are forming and taking off every month including "Stock Market App", "Game app for Small Businesses", "Navigation App for the blind" which launched last month. *Discord channel is for team project discussion for ACF entreprenurship teams not for the game discussion 😁


ACF now has the empowering partner is a non-profit in Oakland which facilitates access to technology for low income K-12 students. We encourage individuals and corporations to donate their laptops instead of recycling them. With a team of volunteers, we refurbish and give these laptops a new lease of life before distribution to students and after-school digital literacy programs. These computers allow the students to have access and opportunity to support their education.