My infatuation with the Applied Computing world starts now…

ACF (Applied Computing Foundation) Feb 21, 2020

Applied Computing Foundation’s Junior Web Developer, Zora Zhang

I started my journey in Applied Computing with a facial recognition class provided by ACF (Applied Computing Foundation) at my school as an enrichment course. The class not only taught me on the basic web programming skills (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) needed to build websites, but also introduced me on AI (Artificial Intelligence) how to train AI models with Python in Jupyter Lab.

I still vividly remember my excitement when I showed the website I built during the first class to my parents and my friends. Besides learning relevant coding skills through ACF class, which is a necessary foundation to be a great programmer, Applied Computing enabled me to actually make something meaningful and applicable in real life using my coding skills. With the lines of code, no longer limited to the computer’s local workspace but instead functional on the web, I am constantly motivated to create some exciting algorithms and concepts I just learned. The best thing about Applied Computing, I think, is that I can learn different things and aspects about programming through meaningful projects. In the image processing project course that I am currently taking, it feels great when I find that I am not merely a user of Photoshop but that I can build a mini-photoshop myself with different algorithms and object-oriented programming, tackling the intricacies of color pixels. I also learned the interaction between frontend and backend programming by building the art website for local artists to market and sell their art works. As the website continues to mature with each meeting, I explored the process of launching a product starting with surveying the artists and coordinating the teamwork. As the team leader of this web app project (building an web app for local artists), leadership training became the gift that I have never anticipated to receive in my coding journey. As a student intern at ACF currently, I am working on launching the monthly web app challenge with my “co-worker” Winbert. Dividing up the work, one of us set up the instruction website to guide students through building the web app and the other one builds a sample web app to display. This fun and interactive ACF monthly app challenge project allowed me to learn to collaborate with others and implement the features on schedule. With the successful launch of February’s Valentine’s Day Card Web App Challenge, we are confidently experienced and fully ready to launch our March app challenge already! If you are curious about our monthly app challenge and want to participate, check out ACF monthly app challenge page!