Middle schoolers connecting global small businesses with their 3D game

BusyTank.io "Hello, I am Sachi. I am with the team called Slurpin’ Snakes, which is making a tank game called Busytank.io. What is so unique is that, unlike other popular video games, our game supports local businesses. When players first enter the game, they will choose a business they would like to support from our list of partners. Once they start playing, the business’s logo that they chose will appear on their tank. If the opponent players hover over the player’s logo, a description of the business and a link to its website will pop up, so that after their game is over, they can visit the link. If they see that the business is near them or that they like it, they could go and visit it. We also showcase our partner businesses on our main website, and give an example of what a tank with a logo would look like using their logo. This will work as a type of advertisement. One business I brought to the Busytank.io project was Saharart, a small gift shop that sells handmade leather purses and handbags in a small village called Douz, right at the entrance of the Sahara Desert. This business hires local women to support them, to participate in the economy, where many women traditionally are not part of the economy and do not have economic power. They use local sheep leather to make these items they sell. My mother and I once bought a donkey-shaped purse from them, and we really liked the concept of their business. However, I recently learned that due to Covid19 travel restriction, their business has declined very much, as their customers are almost entirely the European tourists who visit the Sahara Desert. I really wanted to help them, and decided to ask them to come and partner with Slurpin’ Snakes. I hope that once some of our players have read about it on our website, they will become interested in buying one of the items from their online store. As many customer-base businesses are affected by Covid19, this is what we hope will happen to all of our partners, and that is how we would like to support them. " Thank you,

Applied Computing Foundation’s Junior startup team member, Sachi Tsuno