ACF'S EMPOWERING PARTNER: is a non-profit in Oakland which facilitates access to technology for low income K-12 students. We encourage individuals and corporations to donate their laptops instead of recycling them. With a team of volunteers, we refurbish and give these laptops a new lease of life before distribution to students and after-school digital literacy programs. These computers allow the students to have access and opportunity to support their education.

The “digital homework gap”, i.e. the growing gap between school-age children who have access to a computer and broadband and those who do not, has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. An analysis by Commonsense Media and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) indicates that 50 million K-12 public school students have had to learn remotely from home due to school facility closures. Up to 30% of these students lack adequate internet or devices to sustain effective distance learning at home.

Our mission to empower low-income families and students with laptops and basic computer literacy has reached critical levels, and we are appealing to you to help us bridge the digital divide.

What can you do right now?

Watch our impact video, and smile with us as we distribute laptops to students at Cesar Chavez Elementary.
Refer friends and family to RRRcomputer. Know someone who has a laptop to spare? Do you have school contacts interested in a school laptop donation drive? Help connect us!
Make a donation at We accept laptop and monetary donations, and work with companies on matching gift programs and sponsorships. Visit our website and email to ask about our organization and how you can make an impact.

No gift is too small, and you too, can help spread a smile (and a laptop) to a student in need.