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Applied Computing Foundation’s proud teacher and mentor Murtaza (show them the unlimited possibilities beyond the curriculum)

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. I just wanted to briefly share some instructor feedback after completing my first 7-week course in flashcard web design as ACF faculty. Being the first time I have taught this course and not having much experience in Javascript/HTML/CSS, I admittedly tried my best to stay as consistent as possible to the curriculum. I used example projects and the course outline for reference, and I “stuck to the script”, so to speak. However, I failed to take into consideration the students’ creativity, proficiency, and willingness to learn. While trying to follow the curriculum, I didn’t plan for students who wanted to implement all types of different features into their flashcards, even concepts not discussed in the class. I had one exceptional student who even finished their project within 5 classes, which left me having to plan and create new material for them. In my attempt to stay uniform, I was inhibiting students who wanted to go above and beyond their current project. Exceptionally Creative Student’s work in her first JS learning with her “library” flashcard app So, as far as feedback, I advise new teachers to treat class curriculum as a template, or a base. Instead of sticking to the script, leave room for students to try new things and implement their own features. In preparation for exceptional students, think of ways we can expand off the curriculum and have them ready for when they inevitably blow through the basics and are looking for more content to learn. Instead of being the “ceiling”, we should teach the curriculum as if it is the “floor” from which we can expand on. Hope this is useful!