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About Us

Applied Computing Foundation is a thriving space to intrigue and empower students, young innovators, and their communities with technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship. We empower Gen Z to learnbuild, and apply! ACF supports a teen tech entrepreneur community where creativity and passion for a better world thrive. ACF organizes structured team development by sharing best practices and celebrating successes (and teachable moments) in a focused community. At ACF, a Section 501(c) (3) charitable non-profit organization, student ambition is given organized support so it can thrive. 

Hands Up

Our youth is our future. We trust
and build them.

Our Mission

We build bridges from brick-and-mortar classrooms to the real world
We encourage and support our students to participate in science fairs, competitions, hackathons, game jams
and the like, where they learn to collaborate in teams to create inspired solutions.
We also offer internship opportunities by partnering with
other mission-driven organizations in our community.​

Meet Our Crew

Yoonjung Lera

Co-founder, CEO 


Sawyer Kim

Co-founder, COO 


Swatilekha Roy

Growth Lead

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