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Scratch Divison

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a visual programming language (also called "block" coding language). It makes it super simple and creative for young students to create interactive games, animations, digital stories, and more. Scratch is designed, developed, and moderated by the Scratch Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

Why Learn Scratch with ACF?

Great way to introduce students aged 5 - 16 to Computer Science, coding, and STEM.

Helps build logical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking skills.

Beginner-friendly and doesn't require any prior coding experience.

Expose students to collaboration opportunities and healthy communication.

Equitable and accessible mode of coding for all students.

Work with a global Scratch community spanning the USA, Panama, Korea, India, and more.

scratch Track

  • STEP 1: Scratch Beginner Level

  • STEP 2: Scratch Game Development

  • STEP 3: Advanced Scratch Game Development

  • STEP 4: Share with the world!

Monthly Scratch Demo day

Coding + Collaboration + Leadership + Public Speaking, anyone? Yes, we are talking about our awesome Scratch Demo Day every month!

In today's online ecosystem, which is riddled with good automation, Chat-GPT, and more, it's imperative that our Gen Z stay ahead of the race by honing not only technical skills but also communication and teamwork. Scratch Demo Day is designed to do just that- by empowering students to share their projects with each other, our community, and beyond while garnering helpful feedback and picking up confidence every step of the way.

Below, we feature our Apr. 2023 Scratch Demo Day, thanks to our students Daniel and Stella.

Bitsome Scratch Day

At ACF, we believe in the unanimous power of STEAM, incredibly inclusive and beginner-friendly coding languages like Scratch, in empowering rural and underprivileged students. Our "CVT Empower!" program organizes free and open-for-all Scratch workshops to support students' creativity, inaugurating with our "Bitsome Scratch Day" at Stratford.

We proudly shout out to extraordinary mentors like our Coach Bryan Szalai, Coach Catherine Laserna, Coach Juan Tafolla, Coach Seth Pech, and our incredible partners in the Central Valley. Our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. I and Mrs. Gloria for warmly opening the doors of their banquet hall and hosting ACF's "Bitsome Scratch Day"!

If you would like to co-host similar workshops with us, kindly contact us.

Bitsome Scratch Day
SSS 2023 Banner.png

Scratch Sustainability summit- ACF & Innova-Nation

“Scratch Sustainability Summit,” also known as “SSS,” is a yearly coding summit centered around using Scratch to help students conceptualize, design, and execute sustainability-themed games and share them with our global community and the world at large.

We aim to educate and inspire young Gen-Z coders to think creatively about environmental issues and to envision innovative solutions through coding. We hope SSS can be a sound medium for student impact makers to shine and portray their creativity and passion for Scratch and sustainability.

SSS will be inaugurated for the first time in 2023 with our Panama STEM partner, Innova-Nation.

Unlock your child's creativity and coding potential with our engaging Scratch classes. Students can explore Scratch courses through online private classes or camps

Interested to sign up for a free trial session?

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