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Internships at ACF are a fantastic way to taste first-hand how empowering our community is and how our interns can make a tangible impact in real-time. We hire interns all year round, with some peak seasons for each specific category. We welcome high school students (9th. - 12th. grade) or equivalent home-schooled peers to apply for our open internship positions! If you are a college student interested in interning with us, check out our Careers page.

As ACF is a non-profit organization, we even offer "volunteer hours" credit for our exemplary, high-performing, committed interns. Our interns play a significant role in bestowing technical knowledge, increasing our community outreach, and playing an essential role in the decision-making of the team they join.

ACF allows you to volunteer for causes dear to your heart and get certified for hours toward the “Congressional Award” and “Presidential Award” within the United States. Our previous exemplary student interns have been awarded for their invaluable and positive contribution towards community empowerment in STEM. 

Open Internship positions

Developer Intern: Monthly App Challenge

Applied Computing Foundation (“ACF”) “Monthly App Challenge” team is currently looking for high school students to join them as “developer interns”. MAC’s mission is to provide a platform for students and adults, especially those from underrepresented and underprivileged groups in STEM, to apply their theoretical coding knowledge in building real-world applications. Today, too many students are talented in programming, but they have few opportunities to implement their skills! MAC is bridging that gap, one app at a time. The MAC team hosts weekly, accessible, and themed virtual coding workshops open to all!


Coding Skills, Leadership, Teamwork

Apply here.

Tech Talk Intern: SVTTT

Applied Computing Foundation (“ACF”) SVTTT team is looking for high school “tech talk interns” to join their team. They strive to inspire the next generation of innovators with real-life examples. They want to lead by example, showing youth firmly established leaders in the professional field and within their peers via our Silicon Valley Teen Tech Talks twice a year. SVTTT is held semi-annually.


Technology, Leadership, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship

Apply here.

Staff Writer Intern: SPLASHGROUND

Applied Computing Foundation (“ACF”) SplashGround team is looking for high school female and non-binary “staff writer interns” to join their bi-weekly newsletter writing staff. Their team name comes from two words: “Splash,” signifying positive impact, and “ground,” representing the community of youngsters, significantly underrepresented genders that they target. Apart from technology, SplashGround raises awareness of social issues.


Technology, Content Writing, Leadership

Apply here.

Ambassador Intern: ACF Competitions

Applied Computing Foundation ("ACF") Competition Organizer team is looking for high school "ambassador interns" to join their seasonal team. This team is responsible for hosting all regular ACF events, such as the Future Impact Challenge, Game Impact Challenge, Minecraft hackathon, and ACF partner hackathons. Brand ambassadors play a significant role in promoting ACF events within their community.


Leadership, Community Evangelist, Communication

Apply here.

Project Intern: Inspirogram

Applied Computing Foundation ("ACF") InspiroGram team is looking for high school "project interns" to join their global team of changemakers. Inspirogram aims to bring online programming courses to a worldwide community, promotes project-based learning, and works with mentors who provide content. Inspirogram aims to have one of the most hands-on and engaging online programming courses. InspiroGram includes video and written content to engage with students of all learning styles and adapts to every student's needs globally. This internship involves the most advanced level of training and mandates prior coding knowledge.


Leadership, Community Evangelist, Communication, Coding Skills

Apply here.

Newsletter Team Rep.: ACF Junior and Senior Startups

Applied Computing Foundation ("ACF") Startup Newsletter team is looking for high school / middle school startup team interns who are passionate about representing their teams in a monthly newsletter where all our ACF startup teams can come together as a community and share all their "small wins" and journey benchmarks with the ACF global network. This position is currently only open for ACF startup team members.


Leadership, Documentation, Communication

Apply here.

Project Intern: Empower!

Applied Computing Foundation ("ACF") "Empower!" team is looking for high school "project interns" to join their US-based crew, which empowers rural USA school districts and their students to learn coding, STEM, and collaboration skills. ACF spearheaded this project for the first time in 2023 at the Central Valley while collaborating with global Scratch leaders and bridging the STEM gap between Silicon Valley and its neighboring districts. This position requires serious commitment. 


Leadership, Communication, Scratch Coding Skills

Apply here.

Our internships may run 3 - 4 months up to a year (or sometimes more), depending on the project scope and the intern's performance. Consider this your golden ticket to take ownership and make a difference!

If you cannot find your role of interest among our currently open positions, please feel free to submit an open application here!


We are always looking for passionate individuals willing to go the extra mile!










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