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Give Back with passion

Are you someone who wants to help empower our future generation with your knowledge, guidance, and time so that our students can keep learning and innovating unique solutions to solve today's significant problems? As a growing non-profit, we rely heavily on volunteers like you to achieve our goals. People like you play a direct role in fulfilling our mission- we are changing the future of applied computing together. Please reach out to us at if you are interested!

If you are still in school and are passionate about volunteering for ACF, please check out our Teen Internships page.

Guest Speakers

How to Humanize your brand for your tech start up- Tanyete Colon, Founder & CEO of InFUUSE

Are you a seasoned industry expert, educator, STEM advocate, engineer, community evangelist, global leader, or someone eager to share their experience with our young innovators through a "mentor talk" or workshop?


Please reach out to us at with your speech proposal! Someone from our team will get back to you.

Check out our other outstanding guest speakers:

Team Advisors And Superfans

We request industry technology or business experts or "advisors" from different domains with experience in any topic ranging from hardware (EV) to software, machine learning, or AI in digital healthcare to business training to cite a few, to empower our startup teams.


If technical expertise isn't your forte but community outreach, industry connections, or marketing is, we just might be talking to our beloved team "superfans." Some of our superfans are interested in our team's product as direct customers, while others provide a link to stakeholders or connect our teams to the target market through their rich communities.


Our teams will be thrilled to pitch their product to you while seeking your valuable feedback. Depending on your time and availability, this can either be a one-time session, or you can be a designated team advisor, where you attend four sessions every year, depending on a team's progress.

What they say

If you want to empower teen startups with your expertise, this is a great opportunity! Explore our current list of junior startups and teen startups, and reach out to if you find a fit. 

ACF facilitators

We also have volunteers who help us with day-to-day ACF long-term and short-term goals by facilitating several aspects of our organization. Some examples are content writing, documentation or curriculum reviews, event ambassadorship, team mentoring, hackathon representation, community recruiting, and promo content designing. We believe that many hands together can move mountains!

Know another way you can help?

We are listening! Please don't hesitate to reach out to so that we can discuss this further. 

If you put in your volunteer hours with us and are part of an organization that provides a matching program for these hours, you can double your support and empower our community another step forward! Learn more about Corporate Volunteer Grant Programs here.

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