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Teen Startups


Year 1 Goals

Expect the first year to focus on practicing technical and non-technical skills while building a visible project as a team. Team members should discuss project goals, plan and accomplish tasks, update each other on progress, and combine efforts into collaborative work products.


Collaboration and leadership will be tested while presenting and applying to public competitions. Our teams have competed at Intel Science Fair, Synopsys, Broadcom, Conrad Challenge, Diamond Challenge, Blue Ocean, LaunchX, etc.

Team Building

First MVP Launch

ACF Internal Competitions

Applying to Global Entrepreneurship Competitions as a Newbie


Year 2 Goals

Solid Prototype

Building Strong Leadership and Team Play Skills

Applying to Global Entrepreneurship Competitions (National and International) As a Serious Contender.

Expect the second year to focus on intensive work, requiring perseverance, technical execution, problem-solving, and prioritization skills. Team goals should be much more precise in the second year after recognizing the initial prototype and receiving feedback from outside the team.


The team should start building a community of “early adopters” (locally and globally) and gathering data such as market testing and user feedback to accelerate product development.

Year 3 Goals

Expect the third year to focus on pushing the project beyond the scale of a small team. Depending on competition and the project's nature, teams may file for patents, set up robust technical infrastructure, manage finances, and establish legal entities to launch more realistic business operations.


Social and non-profit teams may work with local and global partners to distribute and support their apps. Social media, blog articles, and workshop events are heavily used to build each team's project community.

Market Launch

Community Building

Business Leadership Establishment


ACF teen Startup Teams

Find your spot in upcoming teams here.

ACF Startup Coffee Chat

...just an ecosystem of teen renegades and startup founders worldwide getting together every quarter over Zoom to discuss entrepreneurship and the latest technology, share market research, get together, meet industry mentors, and have life reflections. While bonding over their favourite beverages. Do you want to be a part of it, too?

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