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What is it?

We designed this program to prepare students for real-world problem-solving and rigorous competition participation.

A foundation-level skill-building program generally consists of 3-4 levels and can take 1 - 1.5 years, depending on age, previous experiences, and dedication. 

We offer the following tracks, and students can complete multiple routes depending on their interests and goals: Scratch, Python Game Development, Python/AI, Web Development, Robotics, and Java.

Available Pathways

Robotics Track

3rd. - 5th. grade


Intro to Robotics > Advanced Robotics > FLL/ WRO Competition team 

Web Programming Track

HTML, CSS, JavaScript > Advanced Web Design > Junior Startup/ Web-based Game

Python Game Track

Intro to Python > Python OOP > Pygame > Game Development Team 

Java/ Test Prep Track

 Intro to Java > AP CS Prep 

Python Data Science Track

Intro to Python > Python OOP > Data Science/ AI

Competition Track

Intro to Python > Python OOP > ACSL or USACO 

Students can complete foundation skill-building courses through online private classes or camps.

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