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Join hands with the Gen Z Revolution at ACF!

Applied Computing Foundation directs young tech talent globally towards innovative social solutions by teaching them entrepreneurship, cutting-edge technology, and collaboration skills in small personalized classes or "startup"-cohorts, seizing competitive opportunities to guide students into entrepreneurship, and connecting future leaders with current leaders.

Kids learning coding

What We Believe



Practical Knowledge. Empowerment. Test Runs. GRIT. LEAN Method.

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Latest, in-demand tech.

AI, IoT, Web, NFT, EV, 3D Printing and more



Networking, Industry advisors, Promotion (Blog, Podcasting, Video, Presentation, etc.)

Project Demos


Please find more details about our ACF alumni startup teams here

Tanyette Colon- Advisor

Tanyette Colon

Tanyette, the founder and CEO of InFUUSE, interviewed two of our Conrad Challenge finalist teams,  PyroTamer, and Lucidity, on her teeming Instagram live.

Tanyette has over 22k followers on her profile, who cheered for our passionate teams. You may watch her Instagram live recording here.

Success + more


1st. place winner, Model Entrepreneur, WRO, Congressional App Challenge, Broadcom Masters

"Power Pitch" Winner, Conrad Challenge

Semi-Finalist, Diamond Challenge

and many more...

ACF: Where You Build and Apply Your Future


Leveraging technology will be a critical skill in this new digital post-pandemic age.
Applied Computing Foundation offers intense foundation-building courses, leadership opportunities, startup team incubators, game development training, and research publication opportunities for high school and middle school students.
Join our global community! Watch Gen Z grow and get inspired.

Our Students Excelled At...

What They Say


Theresa, Parent

This project has been exactly what he needed. It encompasses everything from time management, having fun, teamwork, problem-solving, patience, etc. All valuable skills for the future!


Michael, Chief Educator and Futurist at ACF

"ACF is changing the world by showing young people how to fill the limitless demand for technical skills of the 21st century today and tomorrow."

WILLIAM, Student

ACF has been not only an immensely enjoyable experience but a rewarding and difference-making experience as well, whether that be working on an innovative new idea, helping to mentor new programmers, or offering support to fellow students. ACF has taught me essential skills to succeed, including both 'hard skills' like programming and 'soft skills' like teamwork, communication, and cooperation, truly crucial skills that will be immensely valuable no matter where my future takes me.


John, @AstrumU

Applied Computing Foundation is, I believe, what we need more of in every community but, more importantly, across the state and nation.

Only through continued collaboration and partnership across sectors can we see progress and recovery to address STEM skills shortages and must bolster new funding mechanisms for these types of programs.

In doing so, we can improve the likelihood of a more diverse, productive public service and a new generation of the civic-minded STEM workforce. The spirit of Innovation exemplified by the next generation at ACF has proven to be one that delivers not only positive outcomes for lifelong learners but also can serve to foster better services to citizens in our community. I hope that, in turn, our government shall gain greater trust and confidence of a grateful nation in funding and support of this type of programming and ultimately thus affords us all a more equitable, diverse, and effective workforce.

As part of our Civic Corporate Responsibility at AstrumU, we are proud and excited to promote the fantastic work and learning experiences being developed in this most exceptional program that only serves to accelerate learning and development in our youth across a diverse spectrum to bolster the US STEM Workforce.


-- keep up the great work!

John Bersentes,

Director Federal,


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